Jake Paul Fight Piracy: Judge Dismisses Triller’s Lawsuit Against YouTuber


After filing a wave of lawsuits against entities alleged to have streamed the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight without permission, Triller has clocked up another failure in a US court. A lawsuit filed against YouTuber 'ItsLilBrandon' has been thrown out by a judge after Triller failed to follow the court's orders.

Ever since the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight was streamed illegally online, Triller has been filing copyright infringement lawsuits against the alleged culprits.

The campaign began with a $100m complaint against multiple “business entities” but a judge dismissed all but one of the parties from the action, warning that by joining all of them as cooperating parties, the illegal conduct of one defendant could be wrongly attributed to another independent defendant.

In response, Triller began filing separate actions against each entity. One of those suits targeted YouT...

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BREIN Pulled 466 Pirate Sites and Services Offline Last Year


Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN is one of the most active civil copyright enforcement groups in the world. This week the group announced its 2020 achievements, which include the shutdown of hundreds of pirate sites and services, dozens of settlements, and a local Pirate Bay blockade.

When it comes to civil anti-piracy enforcement, BREIN is without a doubt one of the best-known players in the industry.

The group, which receives support from Hollywood and other content industries, has shuttered hundreds of smaller sites and services in recent history. It was also responsible for taking down Mininova, once one of the largest torrent sites online.

Despite the COVID pandemic, BREIN continued these enforcement actions in 2020. The group has just published a detailed overview of last year’s accomplishments, which provides a clear insight into the group̵...

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Filmmakers Want WOW! to Block Pirate Sites & Disconnect Repeat Infringers


A group of independent movie companies has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Internet provider WOW!. The company, which has over three million subscribers across the US, faces far-reaching demands from the filmmakers who request site-blocking measures, a three-strikes policy for pirates, and the ongoing identification of alleged copyright infringers.

The “repeat infringer” issue remains a hot topic in US courts after rightsholders filed lawsuits against several ISPs.

These Internet providers are accused of not doing enough to stop copyright infringers on their networks, even after receiving multiple ‘copyright infringement’ notifications.

The copyright infringement allegations can have real consequences. In 2019, a Virginia jury ordered Internet provider Cox to pay a billion dollars in damages to a group of major record labels. This case is being appealed but at the same time, other ISPs have been dragged t...

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UK Police Arrest Man For Operating Pirate IPTV Service & Money Laundering


Police in the UK have arrested a 56-year-old man in connection with the illegal streaming of premium TV channels. Officers were able to access and disrupt the online platform, disconnect the illegal streams, and display an online message to customers. In addition to money laundering, the man is suspected of carrying out offenses contrary to the Serious Crimes Act and Fraud Act.

In the past, those operating unlicensed torrent sites or streaming services in the UK needed to be aware of breaching civil copyright law, action that could result in a damages award but not a custodial sentence. Times have changed.

These days civil copyright actions have almost completely disappeared and it’s now exponentially more likely that offenders will be pursued in criminal cases, ones that have the potential to put them behind bars. That’s also the case following a new arrest carried out by police in the UK.

West Mercia Police Make New Arrest

In an announc...

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Cox Settles Lawsuit Over ‘Abusive’ DMCA Notice Campaign


Internet provider Cox Communications has dropped its lawsuit against Rightscorp and BMG. The ISP accused the companies of sending abusive and unfair DMCA takedown notices to fabricate massive copyright infringement claims. Despite these strong words and harsh allegations, the parties managed to resolve the matter out of court.

Internet provider Cox Communications has been on the sharp end of several piracy lawsuits in recent years.

In December 2015, a Virginia federal jury held Cox Communications responsible for pirating subscribers, ordering the company to pay music publisher BMG Rights Management $25 million in damages.

This damages figure was reduced in a settlement agreement but, soon after, the Internet provider was hit with a $1 billion jury verdict in a similar case, which is still under appeal.

Cox Updated Its DMCA Policy

These lawsuits were a wake-up call for Cox. To cope with the co...

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Bungie & Ubisoft Sue Destiny 2 Cheatmakers Ring-1 For Copyright Infringement


Bungie and Ubisoft have filed a lawsuit against five individuals said to be behind Ring-1, the claimed creator and distributor of cheat software targeting Destiny and Rainbox Six Seige. Among other offenses the gaming companies allege copyright infringement and trafficking in circumvention devices, estimating damages in the millions of dollars.

Rather than test their skills on a level playing field, some gamers prefer to deploy third-party cheating software to gain a competitive advantage.

This is particularly prevalent in multiplayer games where being able to shoot through walls, automatically aim, run at advantageous speeds and retain ammo supplies naturally provides a competitive advantage.

While this may be good fun for those who dislike rules and don’t mind hollow victories, these hacks create frustration for other players which diminishes the gaming experience.

As a result, video game developers a...

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YouTube Rippers Refuse to Log Data and Back Out of U.S. Piracy Lawsuit


Tofig Kurbanov, the Russian operator of YouTube-rippers FLVTO.biz and 2conv.com, will no longer take part in the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by several record labels. The decision comes after a Virginia District Court ordered Kurbanov to keep extensive logs of the sites' user activity and hand these over to the major record labels.

Three years ago a group of prominent music companies took two of the largest YouTube rippers to court.

The labels, including Universal, Warner Bros, and Sony, accused FLVTO.biz, 2conv.com and their Russian operator Tofig Kurbanov of facilitating copyright infringement.

While many foreign site operators choose not to fight back, Kurbanov did. With help from a seasoned legal team, he filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that US courts don’t have jurisdiction over a Russian site operator who conducts his business from another continent.

Initially, the district court agre...

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Upload Filters: 23 EU Member States Face Legal Action Over Copyright Law Delays


The European Commission has taken the first step towards taking almost two dozen EU member states to the bloc's highest court due to their failure to write new copyright rules into local law. The countries failed to meet a June 7 deadline to deal with matters including controversial upload filters designed to detect infringing content and prevent it from being re-uploaded.

Back in 2016, the European Commission announced plans to amend EU copyright law to better meet emerging challenges on the Internet.

One of the most controversial elements of the new Copyright Directive was Article 13 (now Article 17). This would require many online services such as YouTube to either legally license content from copyright holders or put filtering mechanisms in place to ensure disputed content is taken down not re-uploaded by users.

The new Copyright Directive passed in March 2019, meaning that EU Member States are required to write the amendments into national ...

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Registrar Suspends Domain of Popular Torrent Site YTS


YTS.mx, one of the most popular torrent sites, has lost control over its domain name which is no longer resolving. Domain registrar Gandi put the domain on 'clientHold,' a status code that's generally reserved for legal or administrative issues. The YTS status page still lists the Mexican TLD as the site's home but unless the issues are resolved, this is likely to change.

With millions of visitors, YTS is one of the most-visited torrent sites on the Internet, even rivaling the legendary Pirate Bay.

The site ‘unofficially’ took over the YTS brand when the original group threw in the towel in 2015. Since then it has amassed a rather impressive user base.

Legal Troubles

This meteoric rise hasn’t been without issues. The site’s parent company Techmodo Limited and its operator have been targeted in several lawsuits and previously agreed to pay over a million dollars in settlements. In addition, YTS has had several domain name trouble...

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Broadcaster Offers Pirates ‘Free’ Legal TV Box in Exchange For Giving Up Illegal Streams


TV pirates in Singapore are being offered an interesting deal in an effort to discourage them from consuming content via illegal sources. Owners of piracy-configured devices can hand them over to telecoms company StarHub for destruction and in return receive a free legal device with Ultra HD 4K support. Of course, there are some strings attached.

On July 6, a new Copyright Bill was tabled in the Singapore Parliament. There are many amendments under consideration that are designed to protect creators and distributors of all kinds.

For example, there are proposals to ensure that creators of works are recognized as the first owners of that content, even when that work is commissioned by a third party. It will also be a requirement to properly attribute creators when content is displayed in public, such as online.

Additionally, when copyright works are accessed legally, they can be used for data analysis, without asking p...

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